“Marilyn’s Tear”

She had everything, but nothing. Marilyn Munro’s life reflected through a tear and in empathy with a destitute man in New Orleans. A statement on the contradictions and disparities within today’s society.

Exploring New Orleans on my first visit to the US, I was struck by the disparity in this vibrant but dark city. Having just visited Mexico, I’d seen endemic poverty, but was surprised and deeply unsettled by the plight of so many in such a wealthy country.

And then, on my last day, I stumbled across this scene and was hit by the paradox of the “American Dream”.

My image of “Marilyn’s Tear”, which I submitted for the Fremantle International Portrait Prize was shortlisted as a finalist.

This has been a truly amazing and inspirational experience. So many really great photographs from around the world. The “Showcase Exhibition” is on from 13 October to 26 October in the Moore and Moore Building, 46 Henry Street, Fremantle. Well worth spending a couple of hours looking at the work of so many amazing photographer.


Des Lewis of Mondo Photography

Des Lewis and his image shortlisted as a FIPP finalist.