OUTBACK Magazine

Race to Revive

RM Williams OUTBACK is a high quality and distinctly Australian magazine that captures the essence of remote Australia through stories of the bush that cover people, places, history and events.

My article on the Red Dust Revival, which appeared in issue 129 of Outback magazine, took a historic approach to the story of early motor racing in Australia through the Red Dust Revival, a unique event that saw thousands make a pilgrimage to Lake Perkolilli, a flat and hard clay-pan on the fringes of the Great Victoria Desert, to pay homage to our early motor racing pioneers who made the “Lake” the epi-centre of motor racing in WA early in the 20th century.  Lake Perkolilli quickly gained an international  reputation for speed and endurance records and competition, despite being the most remote circuit in the world.

Steeped in history driven by this harsh environment and the gold rush of the 1890s, the Red Dust Revival brought to life the spirit of motor racing in the very early days of motoring and epitomised the courage, determination and resourcefulness of the many colourful characters of outback Australia.

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