Sports photography and taking action shots is one of the most challenging forms of photography.

I always try to focus in close on the sports person to capture expression and concentration. I also like to ensure there is movement and that my photographs show action, rather than being static.

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Historic Motorcycle Racing in WA – Brian Cartwright and Peter Senior.

The tyranny of distance meant few West Australian riders regularly ventured to compete in the big league over East in the 70's, but that didn't mean there was a lack of talent and competition. Brian Cartwright and Peter Senior's story paints a picture of the unique motorcycle racing scene in WA throughout the seventies.

The founder and operator of Mondo Photography, Des Lewis, has long been interested in sports photography.

His experience dates back to the eighties when he and his wife Anne established a successful photography business in Perth, Boatpics, which specialised in sailing, yachting and boating photography.  

Since establishing Mondo Photography, Des has spent a great deal of time combining his love of sports, action and photography.

He loves motorsports and can often be found on weekends out at Barbagello Raceway.

And he also enjoys capturing the fast paced action of field and water sports. 

To get the best sports photographs, he has invested in high quality and compact photography equipment to ensure that allows him to easily move around and position himself to get the best perspective for action photographs.

His service extends across all types of sports, including water sports (sailing, kite surfing, wind surfing, etc), field sports and motor sports (car racing, rallying and motorcycles).

Des can also help with sports portraits for individuals and teams. With sports portraits, he applies the same principles as with his other portraiture where he seeks to tell a story about those being photographed.

With his action shots, he likes to get up close and capture dynamic images that show exertion, emotion and movement, rather than static poses.